5 Best Affordable Restaurants in Nairobi

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The capital of Kenya, Nairobi, is a multicultural metropolis where people from all over Africa and the rest of the world live. Its culinary sector reflects this diversity, with a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, and pubs serving food from all over the world.


Regardless of our tribes, races, sexes, ages, etc., food just brings us all together. Simply provide mouthwatering cuisine, keep prices low, provide first-rate services, and create a beautiful atmosphere if you want to draw Nairobi residents to your establishment.

Here is a list of the top 5 restaurants in the city to fit every taste and price range

CJ’s Restaurant
Additional benefits include their rapid service, roomy seating space, and well-lit interior. It is among the CBD of Nairobi’s must-try restaurants.

CJ's restaurant

Their menu features fantastic freshly prepared juice, sundaes, salads, burgers, chicken, and fish, among other items. They offer a wide range of options, and their portions are substantial. Everyone who visits there is advised to sample their chicken breast and fries with a salad for Ksh 990.

Charlie’s Bistro
After the South End mall was demolished a few months ago, Charlie’s relocated to Nairobi town, on Wabera Street, right next to the site of the former Nakumatt city hall.

C.B restaurant
Charlie’s Bistro Kileleshwa menu online delivery/ Uber eats.

The new location is more beautiful than the old one, proving that the proprietor really understands what his clients desire. There are several options on their menu. Meals cost between Ksh 800 and Sh1500, and drinks cost Sh350 for local beers, Sh200 for coffee and tea, and Sh500 to Sh750 for cocktails.

Urban Burger
The biggest and best burgers in town are served here. Additionally, they have locations at West Gate Mall, Village Market, and Galleria Mall.
As the name implies, their primary specialty is burgers. However, they also provide milkshakes, coffee, their own house-brewed beer, and a selection of regional beers. Their burger meals cost between Sh790 and Sh1290 and the drinks are around Sh400 and most cocktails cost Sh790. They also have a new branch in Nairobi CBD on Koinange Street.

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Big Square
Big Square resembles a fancy fast food joint.

big square restaurant

It has other locations, including Mombasa Road, Ad Life Plaza, The Junction Mall, and Karen Shopping Center, etc. At Sh1500, they offer platters from which to pick, or you can order each thing separately. They offer burgers, chicken strips, beef stew, and rice. Their milkshakes are incredible, especially at 500bob when they don’t use too much milk in place of ice cream. Pizza aficionados can also order pizza and beverages there.

Kilimanjaro and Pronto
The Somali/Muslim community is transforming Nairobi’s culinary landscape.

kili restaurant

Even clubs are being taken over and converted into eateries by them. Do you recall club Zodiak from Imenti House? It is now a restaurant providing Swahili food rather than a club. You will have a large “home-cooked” lunch for about KSh400. It costs about KSh300 to get to the coastline of Pilau or Biriyani.


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