Wajackoya reaches out to youngster Stivo Simple Boy

Wajackoya, Stivo Simple Boy

Roots Party presidential candidate, George Wajackoya, has praised Stivo Simple Boy and offered to give him free legal advice.


Wajackoya added that he would like to empower the Freshi Barida hit maker after saying he admires him.

“I would like to see Freshi also…oh I love that boy. I want to elevate him. Same way I have done with (musician) Bahati. Bahati is like my son. He comes to see me here; he is my client.”

Wakacjoyah also promised to provide Stivo a global platform.

“I will give him free legal advice the way I do for Bahati. So people should not take advantage of him.”

The law professor stated in an interview that he owned many high-end vehicles in the UK and the USA but declined to say what brand they were.

“For me cars do not matter a lot because I have a fleet of vehicles. I am a collector and also jewellery, gold but those things are my hobbies. I do not see it as anything,” he explained.

Wajackoya revealed that the vehicles he is driving on the campaign trail were gifts from friends.

“I have nine cars. We have Land Cruisers, Lexus 570 and some prados.”

Wajackoya displayed one of his rings and said it costs more than his Sh 9 million watch, noting that the Lexus cost was comparable to the cost of one of his watches.

The ‘ganja’ president also patched things up with media celebrity Jalang’o after the two had some heated social media exchanges.

When mentioning his favorite vehicle for campaign rallies, Wajackoya, a presidential candidate for the Roots Party who gained recognition online advocating for the legalization of marijuana said,

“The one I could call cheapest is my favorite, Toyota Corolla 1968. It is cheap to run, takes me where I want, does not give me that attention and makes people call me a joker.”

Wajackoya claims that changing his lifestyle in response to publicity was not ideal and that he also boards matatus.
Wajackoya claims he does not sell his cars since they are his favorite possessions. He purchased his first car after getting into an accident that left him with a broken hand.

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