Nairobi Half-Life actor dies after mysteriously collapsing

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Kenyans are mourning the death of actor Olwenya Maina, who rose to fame after playing the role of Oti in Nairobi Half-Life, an award-winning 2012 Kenyan drama film.

Olwenya is said to have suddenly collapsed before he was rushed to Nairobi hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The talented actor also did voiceovers and was a cherished member of the media company Radio Jambo.

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Upon receiving the shocking news, media personalities and colleagues eulogized him as a talented actor and voice.

“We’ll miss you here at Radio Africa… among the very best voices in East Africa…. great actor, superb talent!!!! Recalling your outstanding role in the movie Nairobi Half-life… what a game-changer you were, big boss!,” Maina Kageni wrote alongside a video post of Olwenya.

Olwenya Maina, known as Oti in Nairobi Half-Life, a 2012 Kenyan drama film nominated for best foreign language, allegedly collapsed and died upon arriving at Nairobi Hospital.

The family of the deceased is expected to give a comprehensive statement of Maina’s demise.

Maina is also known for his roles in other films like Poacher and Taliya.

Kenyans across social media expressed their sympathies to the family upon hearing the tragic news.

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