Leaders in Seychelles praise Uhuru for his leadership style

President Uhuru Kenyatta has received appreciation from political leaders in Seychelles who describe him as a visionary leader who has successfully pushed the African agenda in the international arena.

The leaders, who included Opposition Leader Sebastien Pillay, Speaker of the Seychelles National Assembly Roger Mancienne, and Leader of Government Business in Parliament Bernard Georges, praised Uhuru for taking the lead in promoting the interests of the continent.

Mancienne noted that Seychellois and Kenyans have had enduring relationships from the beginning of time.

To ensure peace, stability, and regional growth for the benefit of their citizens, he continued, the two countries should strengthen their collaboration.

“We acknowledge the new ties of cooperation forged in areas such as commerce, maritime security, and climate change action. We are sure that your visit will strengthen them for posterity,” he said.

On his part, Georges said the people of Seychelles valued Kenya as a close partner in their country’s socio-economic progress.

“Kenya has always been a source of many of the foods consumed in our country including apples and butter. It has also been a source of employment for many Seychellois who aspire for a better life than these small islands can offer,” he said.

Uhuru’s democratic credentials were praised, and Opposition Leader Pillay urged him to keep leading the charge for Africa even if he intended to pass over the reins after the upcoming general elections.

“I see you as a great son of Africa, someone that can carry the voice of Africa much further and should do so because we need leaders like you. What is most important to us is ensuring that our people benefit by making the African continent an economic force, a force that is to be reckoned with, a force that recognizes the natural resources that we have should best be used to benefit our people,” said Pillay.

Political figures in Seychelles have praised President Uhuru Kenyatta as a visionary leader who has successfully advanced the cause of Africa on the world stage.
President Uhuru with Seychelles leaders during his three-day State Visit to the Indian Ocean Island country on June 18, 2022.[Twitter]

Uhuru challenged African parliaments to play their role in establishing constitutionalism and sound governance in his address to the Seychellois lawmakers.

He regretted that more and more African nations were experiencing unconstitutional power transfers.

“We need effective parliaments, such as the ones we have in Seychelles and Kenya, to protect the constitution and show by example, that democratic governance does indeed deliver more effectively for the people,” he said.

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The President reminded lawmakers that they are the guardians of public resources and exhorted them to make sure they are wisely allocated and used for the good of the populace.

He added that the national parliament in each country is responsible for passing laws promoting intra-African trade and investment.

Uhuru added that the Pan African Parliament, which is situated in South Africa, was founded by the Assembly of Heads of State and Government because of the importance of parliaments in advancing African unity.

“It is our national assemblies that expedited the ratification of the agreement establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). I am confident that you, honorable members, will soon complete the process of ratification of the AfCFTA,” he said.

Along with other senior government officials, the President was accompanied by Raychelle Omamo, the secretary of state for foreign affairs, and Ruth Kagia, the deputy chief of staff. The latter is in Seychelles for a state visit.

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