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Justina Wamae Prove’s Roots party Destiny

Justina Wamae of Roots Party made a bold representation of their manifesto by explaining the need for a revamp in the economy as she urged for investing more in the people so that the economic crisis can be combated.


Her rival party colleague, Ruth Mucheru of the Agano party emphasized that the law should be upheld and followed to the latter.

Further criticizing the intention by the Roots Party to suspend parts of the constitution, citing the nation upholds rule of law hence by suspension will be demeaning the constitution.

Even though offering a deeper explanation of the Marijuana agenda Wamae said, “The bhang that we are advocating for is the one that has industrial hemp may i remind you industrial hemp is usable in nine sectors. Many products in the market especially those with medicinal use contain contents of bhang and so our idea is to drive the local economy through the use of bhang.”

Justina giving a breakdown of the bhang business says through the provision of at least 200hectares of land from every county for plantation, seen would be up to 50,000 youths able to receive employment.

Bhang taking four months to be fully mature, the nation will be able to have a widened tax base, as the bhang is sold and used in manufacturing both textile, oil production, fiber and medicinal purposes.

Giving a clarification that the bhang they are advocating as Roots Party is one that has medicinal use to be precise the Cannabidiol or CBD and not the tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC that has psychoactive effects.

Wamae however aired her regrets with many Kenyans who misunderstand the agenda on bhang which she explains has numerous tremendous economic benefits if utilized well.

As she added that the illegalization of bhang in the country was triggered by the developed countries who never wanted third-world countries to prosper.

Ruth of the Agano Party expressing her disbelief in the manifesto of the Roots Party resolved to deconstructing the legalization of the bhang idea as immoral and unlawful.

Ruth Mucheru of the Agano Party in the Running mate Debate

Citing this as a populist agenda that should not be tolerated at all costs.

Her response to the rampant corruption agenda was that Agano would ensure the corrupt are apprehended and answer for their faults by law.

On the issue of corruption, Mucheru said, “Our biggest agenda is corruption, as it has eaten us in a big way and in every way. Corruption is our bhang, that is what we are after and the area will balance out.”

Refuting the plan of hanging the corrupt by the manifesto of Roots Party as a failure and once again proof that Roots party be avoided.

Urging that it will be a breach of law to suspend the constitution similar to smoking bhang as hinted at by the Roots party during their swearing-in in case of a win in the August polls.

Referring to what the president said earlier on about money being stacked abroad as well as the expose by the Pandora documents.

Ruth added, “We may not be able to do it in the next 100 days, but we are committed. We are going to do this in phases. We are confident that we will be able to seal these loopholes because we believe that we could be losing more than Sh5 billion daily not Sh2 billion as the president stated sometime back”

Revealing on a move taken by her Presidential candidate David Wahiga to reach out to the international for information on accounts abroad as an effective one likely to set in motion the process of recouping the money stashed abroad by the time they are sworn in.

The two Women are bothe running mates for the deputy presidential race in parties Roots Party and Agano Party, for Justina Wamae and Ruth Mucheru respectively, in the August Polls.

This turns out to be a one of a kind election race with up to three women standing a chance of being deputy presidents.

Women empowerment seems to have shifted from talk to actuality in the making which puts Kenya at step ahead in the gender balancing question.


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