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Marriage: What is Needed To Make It Work

Relationships are a partnership between two individuals bonded by love, seeking solace from one another. These connections have always been somewhat elusive.


Most people find love to be the main ingredient that makes relationships last, but is it truly? Love is an emotion that brings people together, but for a partnership to last, much more is needed.

At times, emotions fade, and we find ourselves not as mesmerized by our partners as we once were. There is a honeymoon phase in every relationship.

This is where it’s all giggles and laughter between you and your partner. In the presence of an argument during the honeymoon phase, solutions are easily found.

This phase is known to last up to 2-3 years in marriages.

To make a relationship or marriage last, it’s important to prioritize friendship. It’s advisable to establish a genuine friendship with your partner before entering into a romantic relationship. This helps both individuals to connect and understand each other better, even during disagreements.

Commitment is crucial. When couples get married, they vow to respect and care for each other. Both partners should take this commitment seriously and be willing to work on the relationship and give each other multiple chances.

In today’s culture, many young newlyweds find it challenging to follow through on their commitment, contributing to a high rate of separation.

Respect is another vital aspect of any relationship. Setting boundaries and demanding respect during the dating stage is crucial because the treatment you accept at the beginning sets the tone for the future.

Having respect in the partnership creates accountability and establishes what is and isn’t acceptable in the relationship or marriage.

So yes, love isn’t the only ingredient needed to make a successful marriage or relationship.


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