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I Would’ve Slaughtered 5,000 Gen Z Protestors – Farah Maalim

Kenyans’ anger towards Dadaab Member of Parliament, Farah Maalim, was felt on X after a video of him professing he would have killed 5,000 Gen Z protesters daily if he were the president went viral.

His words were seen to be malicious after the translation of the video was shared. Farah came out defending himself, stating the video had been tampered with and those were not his words nor were those his intentions.

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His remarks were made at a time when the victims of the protest were being laid to rest. The deaths have had a significant impact on the younger generation and have sparked a strong sense of anger among Kenyan youth. An event was organized on Sunday to honour those who lost their lives.

‘’This was an attempted coup, a clear attempted coup. Kids of wealthy businessmen from only one tribe were dropped off downtown told to riot and taken to the state house. God forbid if I was the president I would have slaughtered them, 5000 of them daily’’.

Kenyan internet users expressed their opinions on social media, describing this as hate speech and a direct assault on Gen Z, who were exercising their democratic rights for the benefit of the nation.

Politicians’ credibility is now on the line as the disregard and insensitivity to citizens who voted for them continue to anger the public. Despite the outcry, some of the elected leaders appear indifferent, unphased and unwilling to change.

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