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Oga Obinna is Looking for a Wife in New Reality Show

Youtuber, talk show host and musician Oga Obinna’s new reality show, My Woman, aired its first episode on YouTube yesterday. The show aims to find Obinna a wife however, some fans feel the show has nothing to do with finding Obinna a wife but is all part of show business.

A post advertising My Woman KE on Obinna’s Instagram. Credit: Oga Obinna/Instagram

@emmanuelodiembo4616 commented:

What people don’t know, this is a show, just like others, it has nothing to do with wife hunting, doesn’t need rocket science

@Wanjira_Mwaniki commented:

Guys can we stop being serious it’s just a show ni kipindi ebu muwache kua emotional

Some fans openly admitted they were jealous on behalf of Dem wa Facebook. This is the girl Obinna has brought into the limelight and helped introduce to big names such as Amber Ray and her man Kennedy Rapudo. Dem wa Facebook first made her name as a churchill show comedian. Oga Obinna has since mentored her to the point that they not only create content together but they also hang in similar spaces.

@joycenyanchama6003 said:

Am jealous on behalf of dem wa Facebook hope is just a comedy

@Mama_edu said:

Here because of my girl Dem Wa Facebook she must be married by Obinna by fire by force

@juliusmwangi1420 commented:

Hope ni comedy, the only person we know ni dem wa fb

Dem wa Facebook. Credit: Mpasho

The first episode features his children talking to him about him finding a wife. In what we hope is a slip of the tongue or just a childish remark, his daughter says they are motherless. Oga Obinna then retorts that all his children have mothers and he also has a mother. She responds that she meant that Obinna has no wife.

We see a snippet of what is to come. We gather, from the visuals that a large number of women turned up to shoot the reality show. Another interesting bit of the show is when Reverend Lucy Natasha prays that Obinna gets a wife from God. Fans continue to keep an eye on the channel as they await to see what subsequent episodes will bring. Whether you think this is showbiz or he is looking for a wife is entirely up to you.

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