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Fun and Unique Friendship Date Ideas to Explore in Nairobi

Friendships are very important and making them last longer is something we try to achieve.  Remembering to spend quality time and having fun with friends, and maintaining those friendships, is important for relationships to thrive.


If a close friendship has hit a rough patch, don’t worry. Here are some fun ideas for friendship dates to ignite the spark.

Picnic Dates

Picnic dates can be adorable, especially if you choose a spot near a water body to make your picnic extra special. A white-themed picnic could create some lovely memories and great photos. You and your friends can enjoy meaningful conversations while spending quality time together.

Arcade Dates

Arcade dates are another exciting option. You can play different games like ping pong and video games, creating a lot of excitement and getting your adrenaline flowing.

Bike Hikes

Consider going for a bike ride in a park or forest, such as Karura, or simply taking a walk. Spending time in nature is refreshing and brings joy, making it a great way to bond with friends.


If you’re looking for a more relaxed indoor activity, consider booking a cabin in a nature-rich place like Tigoni. You can enjoy playing games such as cards, bringing extra excitement to the experience.


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