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Reasons why Giving Space to Someone is Important

A lot of people tend to say ”Give me some space” or ”let me have some space”. This phrase may look like an excuse to some people, however, it is really important for most people as they may be having different things going on in their lives.


Some of the reasons why giving people space is important includes:

Helps people re-charge

We live in a time where we are constantly on the move and are always under constant pressure for a lot of things.

Sometimes people think it’s just introverts or shy people who need to recharge themselves. However, even outgoing or extroverted people need to slow down, and get their energy back.

It is respectful

People are created differently, hence they function differently. Not everyone has the same common interests and the same manner in which they process things.

Some people need to have their own space and recharge. Sometimes, it could be as simple as they have prior commitments or are they are just busy. Therefore, their is need to respect every person and their requests, especially if one care’s for them.

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Everyone needs privacy at some point

Time spent with yourself is some of the most important in life, this is because it helps you introspect and learn new things about yourself.

Additionally, this is mostly the only time that one gets to set their goals and plan for the future.

Helps recover and process their emotions

Sometimes when people have a bad day or are in a bad mood, they tend to get upset. Therefore, this leads some to withdraw themselves because they do not want to lash out at someone else.

However, if this person asks for space, it is definitely right to give it to them as they may be having lots of displaced emotions in their mind.

Additionally, giving them space also helps them to process the right information. This might reduce stress and depression, if any.

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