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Exploring the Generations: Understanding Different Age Groups in Today’s World

With the increasing prominence of Gen Z (Zoomers), the generation entering the workforce and the young individuals encountered daily, there is a compelling need to explore every living generation.


Here is an overview of the generations relevant to our time and a little insight into what makes them tick;

The silent generation

 A generation born between 1928-1945, currently our grandparents or even our great-grandparents. The title of this generation gives away their way of living, as this generation was born in the period of war. The 2nd world was declared in 1939. This was a time when the world was going through an economic downfall and also the depletion of resources.

Baby boomers

1946-1954 is the period this generation was born. This generation saw the beginning of the colonial resistance of Kenya with groups such as the Mau Mau fighters showing hostility and resistance towards the colonial rulers that were the British. currently, they are between 70-78 years old, with the majority being known as grandparents.

Boomer II

Born between 1955 and 1964. Kenyans within this time were in full resistance to colonial rule, with the fights to pursue independence the main agender in this period. this saw this generation live through it at a seemingly young age. The end of this generation saw Kenya declared a free state and gaining its independence from its colonial oppressors.


Also known as Gen Y were born between 1981 and 1996, well known as the older generation of Gen Z. This generation is now in their late twenties and early thirties. In Kenya, this generation saw the first coup attempt of the late President Moi’s government that happened in 1982, August 1.

Gen Z

Gen Z is popularized by their different ways of living, whether it be as employees or individuals. As norm breakers, Gen Z has gone on a different path when it comes to their careers. They are known to follow their dream when it comes to the workforce. The majority of the workforce is currently being infiltrated by this generation.


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