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Sharing is Caring: Frankie Just Gym It Seems to Have Made Peace With Both His Baby Mamas

In a YouTube video that went up on his channel, Francis Kiarie, better known as Frankie Just Gym It, has posted up a celebration of his son’s birthday. In the video, we see Maureen. This leads us to believe that thankfully, the two have made peace.


Maureen Waititu is a lawyer and content creator who was known in earlier years as Frankie’s better half. That was before Corazon Kwamboka came into the picture in a dramatic turn of events. As Kenyans would say, vindu vichenjanga (things change). The two aired each other’s dirty linen on the internet and even created YouTube videos about it. The two videos remain up on their respective YouTube channels. You can dig up the skeletons if you wish. They are titled Enough by Maureen Waititu and Yes, Enough by Just Gym It.

Frankie and Maureen when they were together.

In what seems to be an amicable resolution of the disputes they had, the two came together with other family members to celebrate the birthday of their son Kai. Kai recently turned six. The birthday had Kai’s aunties and uncles and his grandparents along with his cousins.

The comment section was filled with positivity from Frankie’s fans.

Marywambui5208 had this to say:

Healed parents equals to healed healthy children’s and a healthy co parenting

Perismkala4275 commented:

That’s so sweet Mourine’s speech superb we love you guys, happy birthday Kai and Frankie wagwan mehn family will always be family

Ruthbittok2545 commented:

Happy birthday Kai glad to see Moh and Frankie together

Frankie appears to have done his best to stay in the good books of both his baby mamas. Recent videos on his page have him working out with Corazon Kwamboka. His mother’s day video had both Maureen and Corazon in it.

”Just came back from Genio Active, Now I have to head over to Movenpick to see my other kids….” He said in the video while rushing from Corazon to Maureen.

Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka.

Like that Wiz Khalifa song See You Again says, how can we not talk about family when family’s all that we got? It’s blissful to see that Frankie and his baby mamas get along, especially after all the dirty internet drama they dragged us into.

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