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5 Released Action Series to Watch

Good series get you excited about them and make you wonder what plot they will offer in the next episodes and seasons. As a movie fanatic, there are series that caught my eye and kept me gassed up for the next seasons.


As your faithful movie writer here are my top picks for recently released series that will have you begging for more seasons and episodes;


This series got me waiting for its release every Wednesday. Its impeccable visuals and storyline will have you hooked. The storyline is about the fight for power in imperial Japan with Hiroyuki Sanada Acting as the lead character and the director. If you have watched his work in movies like John Wick you know he is one to watch out for.

The Boys

If you are into action and superheroes, this is for you. The twist of this story is the superheroes are villains in the disguise of saviours. This leaves a group of humans to save the world from them, this turns out to be a hard battle to win.

House of Dragon

Episode 1 of season 2 was just released on Sunday and it did surpass my expectations. this is one of the most epic franchises I have watched. The series follows its predecessor Game of Thrones but for this, it follows the story of the Targaryen bloodline.

Umbrella Academy

This is another superhero series; it follows seven siblings who fall apart but are brought back together to fight the end of the world. My honest review of this is, that seasons one and two were killer but the witters kinder lost the plot in season three making it hard to watch. I could rewatch seasons one and two over and over again.


This series follows the human civilization living underground in silos. The main character believes there is life above and is determined to know. You have to watch it to know what she finds in the outside world.


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