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Women Choosing Bears Over Men In Viral TikTOK

Sexual assault has been a menace to society that has had women as its victims. In a society that accords itself as developed such a norm should have been erased. Violence against women from sexual to physical has been embedded in our history for centuries with an urge for change needed.


A viral trend on TikTok that went around asking women if they would choose to be alone in the woods with a bear or a man, had different reactions to it by men after majority of the women picked to be alone with the bear.

The viral trend saw 90% of women choose to be left with a bear this had me thinking about the reason why most women would make this decision. The story of sexual assault is not new to any one of us, most if not all of us have had about it.


The question of being stuck in a forest with a man or a bear is circulating on TikTok right now and sparking some interesting conversation…. we know what our answer would be 🐻🌳 #manvsbear #tiktok #tiktoktrend #trending #challenge #streetinterview #voxpop

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A number of women in the viral trend defended their answer by stating a bear would be easier to scare off compared to a man. A man following you down the street would get you in a state of panic and you think your life is about to end.

In many situations, the women on the receiving end of this horrendous crime have been the ones to be blamed. The question ‘What were you wearing’ has been asked to women who have suffered sexual assault. Whether you are dressed scandals or not does not give anyone the right to assault you.

The matter of dressing has been raised several times which prompts me to ask what the reason behind school-going young children being assaulted would be. Awareness has been risen over the years leaving the governing rule to take extreme actions against perpetrators of this act.

Families have been known to hide rapists and pedophiles by not reporting them. A union between society and authority is needed to root out these individuals and bring them to justice.


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