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Taylor Swift Releases New Remix of Fortnight

Taylor Swift released a remix of her song “Fortnight” yesterday, and the track is already living up to expectations. It rocked the internet, with millions tuning in to listen to her latest hit. “Fortnight” is a song from Taylor’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” which was released on April 19.


The song Fortnight seems to be about a break up as shown by her repeating the lines “I love you, it’s ruining my life”. Decoding the music video could give us a hint of what it is about. It begins with Taylor chained to a bed frame. Bear in mind that it is in black and white. Taylor is then given “Forget him” pills which she puts on her tongue.

In one of the scenes, Taylor is wearing a black dress that was known as a mourning dress in the Victorian era. The history of the mourning dress is interesting. Word has it that when Queen Victoria’s husband died in 1861, she wore black for the next 40 years of her life.

A model displays a sample mourning dress. Credit: Stitchin’ Addiction

Either coincidentally or by design, Taylor says the word morning when in that dress. As if it is some sort of pun.

Another interesting part of the video for Fortnight is when Taylor touches her face in the mirror. We see that her face has Post Malone’s tattoos on it. In another scene, Post Malone’s face has no tattoos. This could be interpreted to refer to how individuals in a relationship take on each other’s nature when they are together.

Taylor Swift’s music is usually very figurative. Her videos are often laced with lots of symbolism. Her fans have branded themselves Swifties and that is a name that stuck (similar to how Beyonce’s fans are known as the Beyhive alluding to how they see Beyonce as queen bee).

The album cover for The Tortured Poets Department. Credit: Variety

Some Swifties speculate that Taylor admitted herself to a mental hospital after her breakup with her long-term boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Speculations about what Taylor was going through as she wrote the album are endless, we could go on and on. What many seem to agree on is that Taylor is not only extremely creative but also philosophical, as she tells stories of historical figures and intertwines them with her own whenever she writes her music.

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