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Strange Things Nigerians Do As Told By Shorn Arwa

Youtuber Shorn Arwa has opened up about things that shocked her about Nigerian culture. From eating rats to disposing of placenta on your own, it gets more surprising as she goes on. Shorn recently created a TikTok video detailing her experiences in Nigeria and with Nigerians.


Shorn Arwa is a content creator based in the United Kingdom where she relocated with her Nigerian husband. Previously, she resided in Kenya. She would occasionally take trips to Nigeria. Over time, it became obvious that she would travel to see her boyfriend who is now her husband. In the TikTok video, she reveals aspects of Nigerian culture that surprised her.

Shorn Arwa. Credit: The Star

To begin with, she described how she had never eaten a snail. She spoke about how Nigerians eat snails frogs and even snakes. As if that is not enough, she added that Nigerians eat forest rats, what they call ‘bushmeat’.

Shorn also talked about how Nigerians can be aggressive. That drivers get out of their cars to confront other drivers. That her niceties were termed ‘begging’ in Nigeria. Turns out Nollywood is no exaggeration.

Arwa added that in Nigeria they are used to blackouts and they occur frequently. She was surprised by how accustomed Nigerians are to it. Maybe it is time to be grateful for KPLC as Kenyans.

Nigerians also build palatial houses, she described. In addition, when expecting Nigerians have a culture of keeping baby names secret until they are revealed at a party. They hardly ask for the name of the baby.

A house for sale in Nigeria. Credit: Zoopla

If you think Kenyans get late, wait until you hear about Nigerians. For instance, Shorn talks about how she went to a wedding at around half past two pm and she was still among the first people to arrive. She even had her baby shower at night after intending to have it at midday! One only wonders if the situation is as bad as she describes it.

Nigerians also do a lot of other odd things, including ensuring they dispose of the placenta on their own. They also put pepper in porridge and mandazis. Now we all have a reason to want to be in Nigeria with Shorn’s list of oddities.

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