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Social Media And The Importance Of A Detox

With the rise of social media, a number of us find ourselves in a position of comparison. We tend to compare ourselves to what we see not knowing whether it’s real or fake this leads to us lowering our self-worth in our eyes leading to low self-esteem.


Self-esteem is a word used to describe how we love, value, and perceive ourselves. Social media is turning the world into a global village that has enabled us to rediscover the world from a different perspective by knowing all the current events. This has helped in education and building up businesses.

communication on social media has enabled the growth of our knowledge in different fields but recently it has taken a turn with ruthless comments. When it comes to physical communication as human beings we are known to be courteous to one another. The age of social media has given a chance for individuals to attack each other in the most ruthless ways.

Cyberbullying is now becoming a vice in society that is seemingly becoming hard to eradicate due to social media’s presence. The internet has turned into a place where people can throw stones and hide their faces behind the screen.

Due to this social media is known to take a toll on people’s mental health. The negative impacts that affect individuals due to the overconsumption of social media include;

The constant feeling of exclusion, when watching people’s lives on either Instagram or even TikTok we tend to feel left out. This is because we see people’s lives to be moving at a faster speed of success than ours.

Decrease in the Attention span of an individual. the brain gets overstimulated when we constantly keep on feeding it content. Taking breaks from social media is very much required. This is what most people call detoxing. When we keep on consuming a lot of short content on the internet our mind is programmed to start concentrating in very short time spam.

Social media is a beautiful addition to our world that has opened doors and has made our lives easier by also adding entertainment. What as individuals we need to know is people only share beautiful sides of their lives and we should not be pressured into thinking our lives are not good enough.


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