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President Ruto – Private Jet Cost Ksh10 Million

In an update on the cost of his private jet to the United States, President Ruto came out to say his flight cost him roughly 10 Million.


“There is no way I can spend 200 Million. There is no way. In fact, let me disclose here that it costed the Republic of Kenya less than 10 Million.”

“I am not a mad man. When I was told the cheapest plane was 70 Million, I told my office go book Kenya Airways. So when some friends of mine heard that I was going to travel Kenya Airways and we have built a big reputation as a country, we have built friends. Some friends told me ‘how much do you want to pay?’ I said I am not ready to pay more than 20 Million. They said ‘bring 10 Million, we will give you the plane.’’’

The President was responding to claims that his jet cost 200 Million plus.

In response to his word, Azimio la Umoja member Jeremiah Kioni faulted him for lying.

“Leo amesema ati ilikuwa millioni kumi na alipatiwa na marafiki. Na amesema kwa maombi ya dunia mzima ya Kenya. And the wakili in our Former Vice President was also reminding us if it was a gift then it belongs to this country and he has a constitutional requirement to disclose it. Sasa hii uongo itamweka kwa shimo.”

Jeremiah Kioni in the Spice FM studios. Credit: The Standard

Kioni went on to say that prayer platforms cannot be used to tell a lie, insisting that the jet cost the country 200 Million.

In other news, Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris has come out to say that she was recently in the US but not on the President’s entourage and she was not on the private jet. She says she went “for spiritual nourishment”.

Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris. Credit: Citizen Digital

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