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King Kaka Addresses Divorce Rumours

King Kaka, a Kenyan rapper, has addressed the rumour that his wife has abandoned him and has taken their children with her. Speaking in a video posted on his TikTok, King Kaka said, “Nana is in the country, the kids are in school. Jana wameenda shule, leo hata tumepiga story in the morning. So mi nashangaa hizo story zimetoka wapi.”


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The rumour mill had it that Nana Owiti had left the country, got a job in the UK, filed for asylum and stated that her husband was dead. Some even speculated that King Kaka had been unfaithful before and that was Nana’s way of retaliating.

The big question is, are Nana and King Kaka still together? King Kaka seemed to have addressed the matter skilfully, leaving out details of his relationship with Nana at the moment.

“I was not even going to address this but the fact that now its touching family, I have to,” he said.

One of the gossip pages that took up the story is a page dubbed on TikTok. The page put up a post with an image of Nana with a white man and captioned it “When a woman decides to revenge..even the devil sits down to watch.”

Other bloggers decided to run with the story that she went to the US. Comments on the video showed how confused the rumours left netizens.

“US or UK? We’re confused” Angie Kakina commented.

Another user commented, “Is this true or clout chasing?”

Nana has recently posted with the song Too Little Too Late by Jojo. Her comment section was testament to the fact that the rumours had reached far and wide. With commenters talking about how she just healed silently and moved on. Reasonable viewers commented about not knowing what to make of those divorce rumours.

What is interesting however, is that Nana’s recent Instagram posts are posted from outside the country. Whether or not they are still together, time will tell. Truth has a way of revealing itself.  

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