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Instant Ndengu Now in the Market

If I asked you to name the first instant food that comes to mind what would you say? Would you say ndengu? I bet not.


Indomie is the most instant food we know. It is a household name in this country. When you think of instant food, chances are you will think of Indomie. In fact, you know something is a household name when you can find it at the shop closest to you. I can find Indomie at the shops nearest to me. I have moved quite a bit since my teenage years and in all the places I have been to, Indomie was in the nearest shop.

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I also know of instant soup and instant porridge. They both come in satchets and you have to empty the contents over a pot of fire. Maybe even instant juice. You know what Kenyans call juice cola. Instant milk exists too, though it is called powdered milk. There seems to be a new instant food in the market, instant ndengu.

I came across a video on TikTok where a lady reviewed instant ndengu. She made them for three minutes and tasted them.

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“Nimezirate 10 out of 10 na nikazikula na spaghetti,” she said. She added that she loved them.

Comments on the video showed how surprised viewers were.

“Instant ndengu is wild business”, Maria Otieno commented. I agree. That’s a very creative business idea.

A hilarious comment read, “hii nayo comrades wakiiona inaenda out of stock”. This by Phiphy, alluding to the fact that university students love to eat ndengu.

One wonders where the idea came from, not that it sucks, if anything I am sure a lot of us are grateful for it. The new product will come in handy for bachelors and bachelorettes who live alone, or even students.

Who would have thought we would see this day? Instant ndengu. Let’s wait this one out and see if more people like it.

For the manufacturers, this could go one of two ways. Either the product picks up and becomes a hit or it becomes a miss and they have to discontinue its production.

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