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Infant Loss: How to Cope and Heal

Losing a child has to be one of the hardest experiences a mother goes through if not the hardest one. One of my close relatives recently lost her seven-month-old and seeing her hurt so much and imagining how she felt made my heart go out to her.


Infant death is common and leaves the mother with regrets about what they could have done differently to change the outcome. The self-blame that goes through a mother’s mind is one of the things that makes them not move on fast and heal from the situation.

Each individual has a different way of coping with the death of their children.

Here are five steps you can follow to make the experience a little bit lighter.

Surround yourself with family and friends who genuinely care for you. A genuine surrounding enables you to share memories and feelings you have. As the saying goes a problem shared is a problem half solved. A burden is lifted off your shoulders when you know you are not going through the grieving process all alone.

Being patient with ourselves, we always want the feeling of pain to not exist within us but we have to fully understand pain is a processing emotion that shows the human aspect in us. The loss of an important part of your life especially for you as a mother requires you to feel and not to ignore your emotions. This helps in preventing future breakdowns.

Create time for yourself. Having a break from your usual routine and nursing yourself is always advisable. In this, I am not saying lock up yourself from everyone but it is taking time off from things that consume your mind and focusing on thinking independently about yourself and your needs.

Journaling and keeping a record of your thoughts and emotions enables you to release the pain you are feeling. Writing should be something incorporated into one’s life even after the healing journey.

Going for therapy sessions regularly. Having a listening ear to all the problems that you are afraid of telling others is important. Professional help is a coping way that will not fail you and just like journaling therapy sessions should be an element adopted in your life even after grieving.


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