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Eddie Butita and Mandi Sarro: Who’s Laughing Now?

It is now public knowledge that Former radio host Mandi Sarro once sent Butita a rejection email. In a video doing rounds on TikTok, Comedian Eddie Butita details his mistreatment by Mandi while looking for a job at Capital FM where Miss Mandi then worked.


“Akaniambia venye mi simfunny yeye hata anashangaa kwa hiyo clip yangu audience inacheka nini. ‘I wonder why the audience was laughing. We are not even looking to fit in what other radios do. We don’t want a comedian. The only comedian who has ever made me laugh is J. B. Masanduku,” Butita recollected.

Mandi Sarro. Credit:

“Nikamwambia okay thank you. Thank you flani ya huruma,” he added.

He goes on to talk about how he had already got a haircut just in case they called him in for an interview. Later on, after Butita had appeared on Churchill Show, Miss Mandi tweeted that she had news for him. He recollects how he went through an email sent to him by her and found her number. He then texted her. Surprisingly, Miss Mandi hurled insults at him over text messages and told him how disrespectful he was for getting her number and sending a message. He narrates how he humbled himself and apologised.

Years later, Butita is part of the entourage that travelled with the President to the US. He got a chance to see the White House and to visit Tyler Perry studios. They say he who laughs last laughs best. It appears Butita is having the last laugh.

From left: Butita, President Ruto, Steve Harvey, The first lady of Kenya and Ambassador Meg Whitman. Taken from Butita’s Instagram

The President and his entourage are set to return to their country anytime from now. This is after their successful three-day State Visit to the United States. Aside from Bautista, Kate Actress was also part of the creative team invited. Congratulations to Butita for making big moves. Truly when the time is right, God makes it happen.

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