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Could The Statue of Liberty Hold A Deeper Meaning?

The Statue of Liberty is a huge statue on Liberty Island, this according to Britannica. It is famous world over. It depicts a woman holding a torch in her right hand and a tablet in her left hand. On the tablet is said to be the date of adoption of The Declaration Of Independence, July 4, 1776. It was declared a national monument in 1924.


Why call it The Statue of Liberty?

One would assume that it is called the Statue of Liberty just because it is on Liberty Island. Allow me to present a fresh perspective. Could The Statue of Liberty be symbolic of Lucifer? Conspiracy theory would you say?

Basis for The Theory

The internet has a lot of information. With the coming of internet, anyone can say anything. And that anything could go viral. A TikTok user is making claims that The Statue of Liberty alludes to Lucifer. In her video she asks “Does this look like a woman to you?” She likens the statue to a painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence titled Satan summoning his legions of 1796/1797. She brings to the viewer’s attention that Lucifer means bringer or bearer of light. She adds an image of another painting of Lucifer, where Satan had his right hand up with a torch in his right hand.

Tackling the claims

The claims made by the lady make sense in that the statue has chains at its feet. If there exists a group of powerful elite with pagan practices that rule the world, then the name of the statue could have a deeper meaning. Think about it. Liberty means freedom. The broken chains could allude to freedom. Perhaps the freedom of Lucifer from the restricting rules of heaven?

On the other side of the argument is this: The statue is in a place called Liberty. It only makes sense to call it The Statue of Liberty right? And what about the tablet with Independence Day written on it?

But then again there is this school of thought that the world is ruled by shadow elites who control the people in power. They allegedly are good at mind games and confusing the masses. Going by that thought, one would argue that the lady’s stance holds water.

Similarities between The Statue of Liberty and the painting Satan summoning his legions are that both of them have their right hand up and their facial details look alike. However, The Statue of Liberty depicts a woman while the latter depicts a man. Looking at the other painting the lady inserted, it is dubbed Lucifer: The Light Carrier. It seemingly depicts a woman, who is also carrying a torch. This I quite similar to The Statue of Liberty. The painting Lucifer: The Light Bearer was done in 2011.

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