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Thrilling Kenyan Films To Watch

The Kenyan film industry has recently taken us by storm with the release of richly written and directed films. Here are four Kenyan action thrillers you should make a point of watching.


40 Sticks

40 Sticks is a suspense/thriller film released on Netflix on November 20, 2020. The movie is produced by sensePLAY an audio-visual based in Kenya. The film’s main characters are criminals trying to execute a prison break during a jail transfer. A turn of events backtracks their plans leaving them fighting for their lives.

Well-known actors in the Kenyan film industry such as Robert Agengo, Isaboke Nyakundi, Mwaura Bila, and Mumbi Maina make appearances in the movie.


Mpakani is an action series on Netflix set in the northern part of the country. The film is about five soldiers made into a unit and deployed to counter terror attacks in the Northern region of Kenya. The series was released on November 28, 2022. The film is produced by Kara Loise Wambui and directed by Victor Gatonye.

The cast of the ten-episode series includes; Mwaura Bilal, Brenda Ngeso, and Kagendo Kaech among others.


Pepeta is a crime thriller series that aired on Maisha Magic East. Released on August 25, 2022, the eight-episode series gained a wide range of views due to its catchy storyline based on a real-life story. The film has a slum setting with the main character’s main interest being football before he spirals into a life of crime.

Kenyan films to watch

The film is directed by Vincent Mbaya, and is available on Showmax. The cast includes Lawar  Lwanda, Avril, Malik Lemuel, and Brahim  Ouma apart from another well-talented cast.

Nairobi Half-Life

A throwback film a number of us might have watched more than once and has gained global recognition is Nairobi Half-Life. This pioneering film was released back in 2012. The movie is about a boy who comes to Nairobi hoping to become something great but Nairobi, as we know it, is not a place of sunshine and rainbows, with difficulties that he has to persevere through.

The film was directed by David Gitonga, with the filming cast having the likes of Nancy Wanjiku also known as Shix Kapienga, Joseph Wairimu, Olwenya Maina, and Mugambi Nthiga.


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