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Ayra Starr Releases New Album Titled The Year I Turned 21

Nigerian musician Ayra Starr has today released a new album The Year I Turned 21. The album contains 14 tracks and features names like Asake, Seyi Vibes and Giveon.  


Of interest is her song with Giveon entitled Last Heartbreak Song. The title is reminiscent of Giveon’s song Heartbreak Anniversary. It also rouses the same mood Ayra’s song Beggie Beggie causes in listeners. In it the female persona threatens to leave the relationship for lack of reciprocity while the male persona, voiced by Giveon, persuades her to stay.

Giveon. Credit: Variety

Another particularly interesting song from the album is the song Control. It appears that Ayra sampled Shakira’s song Hips Don’t Lie as evident in the lyrics “I’m lit tonight, you know my lips don’t lie’’. These lyrics sound like Shakira’s lyrics “I’m on tonight, you know my hips don’t lie”.

I bet you would love to listen to the instruments at the end of the song Orun.

In another song titled The Kids Are Alright, Ayra addresses the loss of her father. At first listen one can feel the burden of grief that she carries. It is as if she wishes her father was alive to witness her success. It ends with her siblings voice notes to their father.

Nigerian musician Ayra Starr. Credit: Niji Magazine

The new album will be Ayra’s second album after 19 and dangerous. She also has an EP out. The difference between an EP and an album is that an album is longer than an EP. An EP usually has 4 to 6 songs while an album has 7 to 29 tracks. Ayra’s EP has 5 tracks.

The musician is famous for her biggest hit Rush which has 348 Million views on YouTube. The song broke borders and is what brought her into the limelight. Many people had no idea who she was until that song.

Ayra’s real name is Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe but she is known more by her stage name.

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