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My Father Wanted to Educate Kenyans – Raila on Jaramogi’s 30th Anniversary

Raila and father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga

One Kenya coalition leader, Raila Odinga, son of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s inaugural Vice President, honoured his father’s legacy on the 30th anniversary of Jaramogi’s passing.


Speaking at the commemorative event in Kisumu, Raila revealed Jaramogi’s significant contributions to education in Kenya.

Jaramogi Odinga, aside from his prominent political role, played a pivotal part in shaping the educational aspirations of numerous Kenyans. According to Raila, Jaramogi sponsored hundreds of students locally and internationally, emphasizing his commitment to promoting education.

“Jaramogi wanted Kenyans to get an education. He spent much of his time and money promoting education among Kenyans. At the time he died, there were 54 children in different stages of education; some in Primary, Secondary, and University, whom he was sponsoring,” shared Raila during the ceremony.

Raila underscored his father’s strong bonds with friends and engagement with various countries, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and China, to secure scholarships for Kenyan students.

“We thank everyone who joined us in Kisumu and online from around the world for Jaramogi’s Oginga Odinga’s 30th memorial. Reflecting on today’s tributes has helped us connect with the spirit of his life and times,” Raila tweeted in response to the occasion.

“Fondly remembering Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga on the 30th anniversary of his passing, and paying glowing tribute to his unwavering pursuit of equality, human rights and social justice. Jaramogi’s indomitable spirit will forever inspire younger generations in Kenya and across Africa.” the National Assembly Minority Leader, Professor Opiyo Wandayi, said as tributes poured in on Jaramoig’s 30th anniversary.

Through these efforts of Kenya’s former vice president, approximately 5000 Kenyans had the opportunity to pursue higher education. While acknowledging the recognition received for the famous airlift of 300 individuals from Embakasi to New York, Raila emphasized the broader impact of Jaramogi’s initiative.

He highlighted the diverse regions, such as India, the UK, the United States, and West African countries like Ghana, where Jaramogi facilitated educational opportunities for Kenyan students.


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