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Youth Plus Festival To Host Nairobi’s Biggest Business Forum

Youth Plus Festival

According to a study, the average age of Africans is 19 years old, typically the youth. The 8-4-4 education system in Kenya failed many by producing young men and women who are not business or money-smart.


However, 2020 created a wave of young men and women creating income through different streams, especially in technology, social media, and business. Unfortunately for most, they are struggling to maintain their newfound success.

The theme this year is Start. Sustain. Scale.

Seeing this great need, Youth Plus Africa created a safe space for the African youth to identify, empower, and mentor young innovative entrepreneurs. Partnering with some of the greatest giants in various industries to achieve the goal.

This December, they are taking a step further and have created Nairobi’s biggest business forum ever. Those attending the forum will be exposed to some of the most renowned names in African industries for two days.

The lineup of speakers is insanely incredible featuring 20 speakers, 4 workshops, and 3 masterclasses. Gracing the forum are speakers like; Rennee Ngamau, Wandia Gichjru, Mike Muchiri, Ben Cyco Adele Onyango, Wanjifu Njiru. Abel Mutua, Shiv Shimani, Janet Mbugua, Olive Burrows, Nancy Wanjiru, Amos Ngahu, Terry Muikamba , Anthony Muli.

The list of speakers does not end with the already great team above, rather the keynote speaker is one of the most celebrated African speakers and entrepreneur, Mr. Vusi Thembekwayo who will be gracing the event and sharing some words of wisdom.

Vusi Thembekwayo was already dropping gems during Youth Plus Africa’s Instagram live session, “No matter the stage you are in as an entrepreneur, planning is fundamental. Unless you plan, the year happens to you, you don’t happen to the year.”

The Youth Plus Festival will run for two full days from the 8th through the 9th at the Sarit Centre Expo. The only tickets remaining for the last minute buyers are the virtual tickets that go for $20 that can be bought through the link:

The theme this year is Start. Sustain. Scale. With your ticket, you’ll have access to all speakers, workshops, masterclasses, networking opportunities, refreshments, and lunch all through the two days and a gift bag from Youth+ Africa.

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