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Your Man Smelling is Your Failure As A Girlfriend


Your man-smelling bad is your failure as a girlfriend. Why should he be smelling or shabby while you are all elegant and glowing? It’s either he does not care or you don’t love him at all. Facts!


To get away from pointing fingers, grooming is a personal objective and everyone needs to take full responsibility for how they smell and dress up. Why is it becoming so hard for men to use the many deodorants and superb soaps on the market?

There are a few reasons why men might find it hard to groom and smell good.

Social conditioning

Men are often socialized to not care about their appearance as much as women. This can lead to a lack of knowledge about grooming and skincare, as well as a lack of motivation to put in the effort.

Time constraints. 

Men often have less time to groom than women. This is due to factors such as work, family commitments, and other activities.

Lack of interest

Some men simply don’t care about how they smell or look. They may feel that grooming is unnecessary or a waste of time.

Fear of being judged

Some men are afraid of being judged if they take care of their appearance. They may worry that they will be seen as being too feminine or vain.

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Most many in recent research have shared their reasons and stand with the majority looking at grooming as a soft boy era weakness.

Not all men find it hard to groom and smell good. Many men take great pride in their appearance and who put a lot of effort into smelling their best.

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Is grooming and smelling good a soft boy-era disease? Share your thoughts.


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