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Weird Things Most Women Never Lose!

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Women, unlike men, are known to attach deep sentimental value to very weird things. The significance of some of these items can only be explained and fully understood by a woman. Here are five weird things that most women never seem to lose.

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Their Favorite Panty

The state and appearance of most women’s favourite panties are, in many instances, shocking to say the least. One would imagine a lady’s favourite panty to be in its best form, however, this is not always the case. In most cases, a woman’s favourite panty is most compatible with 90% of her outfits. This is also the panty that feels most comfortable for her during her periods. Most ladies never lose that one panty, no matter what!

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Weird Arguments

Johnny Depp might be the first man alive to have won an argument against a woman. Although this may be true, no man alive has won an argument against ‘most women’. The relationship between women and baseless arguments is as old as time itself.

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Nonetheless, most ladies take so much pride in winning arguments. They would be damned if they ever lost one! Reasons as to why most women have a penchant for arguments may shock you!

Their Favorite Brassiere

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It is indeed a globally known fact, that 99% of women will wear their bra severally or sometimes, close to a hundred times, before washing it. It is also for this and other reasons, that most women retain their black bras for eternity. Besides, women never lose their brassieres because, finding the perfect fit is like winning the lottery. Hence, once a woman marks a certain bra as their favourite one, it is her and that bra against the world!

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One would argue that most gossip sites and platforms receive ‘receipts’ mostly from women. It will interest you how women are good at keeping screenshots. Nonetheless, it is not surprising that most women would misplace their birth certificates, but still have a screenshot from the year 400 B.C. It has something to do with why women rarely lose arguments.

Their Favorite Purse

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A woman’s favourite purse is her best friend. The connection between them and their purses is almost similar to that of smokers and their lighters. Moreover, one would be surprised by some of the items these purses contain. A woman’s favourite purse can contain something as weird as a dinosaur taco holder.


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