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Was Juju Really Behind Diamond’s Stolen Cap Drama?

diamond platnumz

Diamond Platnumz was incensed when a fan swiped his cap while navigating through a crowd. The cap, estimated to be worth Ksh 6k, a value unlikely to dent the artist’s fat pockets, has stirred debate among netizens, prompting them to question whether it held a deeper significance for Diamond beyond being a mere fashion accessory.


Some superstitious fans have even suggested that the cap might possess ‘juju’ or mystical properties — as is the default thinking in African tradition when things get weird or awkward.

According to one Tanzanian fan interviewed by Sam Misago TV, there might be a mystical aura surrounding the cap.

“He was confused after the cap was taken. Artists wear expensive caps, but Diamond’s cap is not just any cap. I will dispute it. He was utterly confused the moment he lost the cap. Then he was relieved when he got it back. He even hugged the person who helped him retrieve the cap.”

Diamond Platnumz’s green cap was recovered moments after the theft. The incident unfolded as the Tanzanian star, decked out in a stylish green and black ensemble, moved through a crowd.

A fan managed to snatch the cap from his head, causing Diamond to pause and survey the surroundings in confusion.

Diamond Platnumz has attracted attention not only for the cap incident but also for addressing allegations of stealing music. The Tanzanian music icon dismissed such claims, deeming them baseless and fueled by envy of his remarkable success in the music industry.


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