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Trouble in Paradise? Natalie Tewa Unfollows Fiance, Deletes Posts

Natale Tewa Francis Breakup rumours

Natalie Tewa has unfollowed her fiancé, Francis Mugane, on various platforms and deleted their engagement photos, leaving fans perplexed.


The couple, who got engaged in a romantic February proposal earlier this year, is now raising questions about the status of their relationship.

“I am somewhere there and looking to get married,” Natalie Tewa
In 2022, Natalie expressed her desire for a long-term relationship.
Natalie Tewa
Screengrab of Natalie Tewa’s engagement ring. Photo: Instagram/Natalie Tewa

Despite celebrating her birthday, Tewa’s social media posts are shrouded in uncertainty, with no birthday wishes from Mugane, further fueling rumours of trouble.

The once joyful engagement post from February, where Tewa announced her acceptance of Mugane’s proposal during a Mombasa vacation, has been erased. However, a group photo from the same occasion remains, adding to the mystery surrounding their engagement.

Tewa’s decision to unfollow Mugane and delete their photos has led to increased speculation about potential strains in their relationship. Hawk-eyed fans will notice that Mugane reciprocated by removing all traces of Tewa from his Instagram account.

This recent development starkly contrasts with Tewa’s past declarations of love and commitment.

In 2022, she expressed her desire for a long-term relationship, mentioning, “I am somewhere there and looking to get married,” and emphasized her preference for dating older men in June 2023, emphasising the importance of maturity for her in a relationship.

Tewa, known for her vibrant social media presence and travel vlogs, had previously ended a relationship with Moses Mukiibi four years ago. Her recent boyfriend, Mbugua, worked as a strategy and operations manager at a booking company.


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