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The Only Women Who Do Not Complain About Luo Men

Luo man

Kenya has 47 tribes that are all unique with rich cultures and traditions that they still keep to date. Being close to another tribe can have you pick some of their traits like their accent.


If you live in Nairobi and cannot speak a single word in Kikuyu then you are not in Nairobi. Kikuyus have the habit of speaking to everyone in their language and you inevitably end up picking the basics like greetings.

Our men from the lakeside have a reputation that precedes them, such as their insufferable pride, showing off, being luxurious, romantic and extravagant, above an insatiable appetite for women.

Gor Mahia fans

In this day and age, you would think men are satisfied with only one partner, which some are, but Luo men have quickly become notorious for keeping their options open. Regardless, women are still drawn to them and keep falling for Luo men who know how to be romantic, charming and seductive.

They have understood how to get to the modern woman’s heart, a little mix of words of affirmation and generous gifts and a lady is head over heels. They do all this so effortlessly well a lady would think they are the only one but what most do not know and usually find out during his funeral service, is that they were many.

Lupita and Tanasha are famous Luo women
Lupita Nyongo And Tanasha Donna are two famous Luo women

To date, the only match that the Luo men have found and would tread carefully with are the Luo women. Luo women are known to treat their partners like kings and build them up with love and support. The flipside to Luo women is they can easily tear down the same man they have built even faster than the man could imagine. A Luo man would think he is secretive about his affair until he bumps into his Luo wife or girlfriend at the hotel having an affair. Two can play the game.

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Every tribe in Kenya has something that distinguishes them but as a country, we also have unique traits. The world is realizing this fast, especially if they dare to come for one of us. Kenyans on X will not disappoint; as they are a tribe of their own.

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