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5 Dead in Kikopey Road Accident

Kikopey accident 5 dead

Five lives were lost in a devastating road accident at Kikopey Trading Centre in Gilgil along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on Sunday night. The incident, which occurred at 8:30 PM, according to National Police Service on X, involved a speeding lorry.

The trailer’s driver, heading towards Nakuru, lost control, fatally hitting two male pedestrians. The same vehicle collided with iron sheet structures a short distance from the road, claiming the lives of three men playing a game of pool.

The trailer also caused extensive property damage, including three motor vehicles in a nearby yard. The driver of the trailer fled the scene, prompting a police manhunt.

This incident adds to growing concerns about rising road accidents in the country, especially with the expected surge in road traffic during the festive season.

Last year, the country recorded 4,690 fatalities from 21,757 accidents during the same period.

Efforts to apprehend the driver of the involved vehicle are underway as he managed to flee the scene after the accident.

The incident is a sad reminder of the dangers on the road as the December festive season gets underway, prompting authorities to address road safety concerns.

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