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Ashanti and Nelly Expecting First Baby Together

Ashanti and Nelly

Ashanti and Nelly, the ultra-Y2K power couple, are reportedly expecting their first baby together!


Us Weekly spilt the beans on Monday, confirming the pregnancy news that’s got everyone buzzing. When The Post reached out to Nelly’s rep, it was all hush-hush, neither confirming nor denying the pregnancy rumour. And as for Ashanti’s side of the story? Well, the reps are keeping tight-lipped.

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This would be Ashanti’s first dive into parenthood and Nelly’s third act. Instagram/Ashanti

The duo gave us a live, on-stage sneak peek at Nelly’s Black and White Ball in St. Louis over the weekend. Ashanti pulls the ultimate mic drop move, placing her hand on her stomach, and Nelly follows suit with a touch on her tummy. Cue the crowd chanting, “Seal the deal!” as the singer bursts into laughter. Talk about announcing style!

This would be Ashanti’s first dive into parenthood and Nelly’s third act. He’s already got a daughter, Chanelle, 29, and a son, Cornell Haynes III, 24, from a previous chapter with Channetta Valentine.

Their reunion in April, complete with hand-holding at a boxing match in Vegas, caught everyone off guard, including Nelly himself. In his own words, “It wasn’t anything that I don’t think was planned.” According to the “Hot in Herre” rapper, sometimes a little separation makes you see things differently. Deep thoughts from the man himself!

Ashanti and Nelly
Ashanti and Nelly at Greenhaus ATL on Oct. 30 in Atlanta. WireImage

Flashback to last year when Ashanti spilt the tea to Chuck Arnold about why their high-profile romance hit a speed bump. It turns out, jet-setting and living in different states took its toll. The struggle was real with their careers taking off, and balancing it all was a challenge.

But hold up, folks! Ashanti wasn’t sweating the marriage game back then. She’s all about waiting for the right person, taking inspiration from her parents’ 40-plus years of wedded bliss. Now, with this baby on the way, it looks like Ashanti and Nelly are stepping up their game.

And get this, the power couple could soon be reading their little one Ashanti’s children’s book, “My Name Is a Story,” released last July. It’s all about embracing differences and finding power in uniqueness. Just imagine the bedtime stories in the Nelly-Ashanti household!

So, buckle up for this blast from the past turned into a new chapter for Ashanti and Nelly. It’s not just a dream; it’s a reality, and we’re here for the Y2K power couple’s next adventure!


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