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8 Tips on What to Do When Someone Leaks Your Nudes


Georgina Njenga was one of the victims following leaked nudes that excited netizens as lover ‘Baha’ affirmed his unwavering love and support. Here’s what to do in such a situation.


Panic strikes hard the minute you come across your leaked nudes online. That must have been the case with Georgina Njenga, of course, unless she staged it. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, Georgina accuses an envious ex-boyfriend of exposing the leaked video that appears to show Georgina shaking what her mama gave her. 🥵

Well, I’m sure you have seen the video on Twitter, and have seen all the negative as well as hilarious comments that followed.

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Taking fire nudes is exciting and sending them is hot, right? That’s always the case until someone exposes you. Instinctively you will panic but you should never let guilt and regret dictate your actions. Questions like “Why did I do this?” “Why did I trust this person?” will come across your mind but you must keep your cool.

Leaking Nudes is more common than you think
Leaking Nudes is more common than you think

Now that we have the right mindset behind it, aside from going legal, here’s what to do in case someone leaks your nudes:

  • Don’t Overreact

You have every right to feel frustrated, angry, or develop hate for the person responsible for the leaked nudes. Despite this, do not panic since it will become a lot harder to find help and rectify the situation.

  • Don’t Stress

It probably feels like your world is crumbling to pieces but a positive mindset will determine how fast you will move on. Take a stroll, switch off your phone and avoid social media for a while. Trust me, it’s impossible to act rationally when under stress.

  • Stay Positive

Even if you don’t believe it will be okay, just keep reaffirming to yourself that it will be. You do not need to hide in a cave to feel safe from the thoughts. Keep positive people around you and with time the negative thoughts will dissolve.

  • Find Someone To Talk To

A problem shared is always a problem half-solved. That is true in this case, find someone you can trust and let them know the whole truth, including the role you played- whether you shared the video or whether someone used your phone without consent. A parent or guardian will be best before approaching your best friend.

  • But, Don’t Tell Everyone

One mistake most people in this situation make is telling more people so that the person responsible gets shamed for their actions. It could also be that it offers relief when you share but this is always a bad idea. Only hang around friends who will support you and not criticize you.

  • Contact the Person Responsible

If it’s safe, reach out and request them to delete the images and/or videos. As long as the person is not vengeful and prone to acts of cruelty then they might delete them.

If they refuse then you should report the person. When it comes to Facebook, you can even track the status of your report in the Support Dashboard

  • Remember that it’s not Your Fault

Never blame yourself, instead take responsibility and learn from it.

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