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Visiting China Made Easier for Kenyans

The Chinese Embassy announced that Kenyan visa applicants will now make applications without any appointments. This is to ease the process for local travelers to China.

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The embassy informed Kenyans seeking a Chinese visa to submit their applications directly to the Visa Application Service Centre in Nairobi.

In a statement, they mentioned that all applications should be done during working hours. The new directive will take effect from November 20. 

Most Kenyans travel to China for business while some move for studies. China has grown to become the second-largest economy and is asserting its dominance on the continent.

“In order to further facilitate the exchange of China and Kenya, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya will completely cancel visa appointments from November 20, 2023,” read part of the statement.

The Embassy, however, noted that the processing time and fees will remain unchanged. Their only plan is to make the application and visa processing easier.

Kenyans have complained in the past over punitive visa requirements that make traveling expensive due to high fees, delays, and a lot of requirements that force applicants to dig deeper into their pockets.

 How to Apply for a Visa to China

Applicants will be required to fill up the form online through the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Nairobi website.

After filling out the forms, one needs to download and print the They’ll be required to submit it with other required materials at the time of application.

The embassy advised the applicants to avoid peak hours when submitting the application to avoid overcrowding and delays.

According to the embassy, applicants who have already completed online appointments will be given priority.

“Applicants who have already completed online appointments will be given priority for submitting their documents within the corresponding time slot at the appointment date by presenting the confirmation page upon arrival,” read part of the statement.

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