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Two Security Employees Disappear with Ksh 94 m

Police launched a manhunt on Monday for two employees of a security firm who stole Ksh 94.9 million. They were supposed to deliver the money to a bank in Nairobi but they did not show up.

A photo of bundles of Kenyan Money as a representation of how the money was stored. Photo/Courtesy

The money was picked up from a vault belonging to Wells Fargo (the security firm) located in Industrial Area. They were to deliver the money to the Family Bank branch in Kenyatta Avenue when the incident occurred at 6 am. According to the police, the money belonged to a supermarket’s weekend sales, Quickmart supermarket.

The two employees who were in the company’s vehicle, arrived for pick up at the vault as scheduled. After collecting the money, they begun to leave but without an escort, which was a requirement to begin with.

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The police mentioned that the escort realized the vehicle with the money was missing a few minutes after it had left the area with the cash. The vehicle, according to their statement, was found dumped at the Dafam area South C, next to Southern Bypass. The monitor was however found without the missing money and the suspects.

They further stated that after visiting the scene, they established that the two escaped aboard a waiting car. The police launched an investigation on the two suspects and the money that was stolen. Teams of security personnel were mobilized to pursue the two but according to them, the two escaped to an unknown destination.

Security Firms

The police questioned the Administration Police officers who were meant to escort the vehicle on their whereabouts. The officers were the first to raise the alarm of the lost money and the vehicle accompanied by who was driving it. They also mentioned that the incident was likely to be an inside job and they would share more information immediately they get access to it.

Security firms offer a cash-in-transit service to banks and businesses that usually handle outsized transactions. APs offer escort services to the security firms in order to secure the money. Supermarkets for instance, handle a large amount of cash transactions for their sales. It is therefore harder for them to send the money to the bank without the help of these security firms.

The firms pick up the money from the supermarket for example, then transport it to the firm’s vault. After this, the money t then transported to the bank of choice, in this case, it was family bank in Kenyatta Avenue. Through this whole process, the vehicles need to be accompanied by security officers, aside from the driver and one of the employees of the firms.

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