Two KRA Officials Succumb to Floods in Kwale, Bodies Recovered


Tragedy struck as the bodies of two Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) officials were recovered following a harrowing incident where their vehicle was swept away by floods at Ramisi bridge in Kwale. The ill-fated journey occurred on November 17, as the officials, identified as Joram Maina, the Lungalunga Border Management Committee Chairperson, and David Ng’ang’a, were en route from Lungalunga to Mombasa.


KRA Southern Region coordinator Lawrence Siele reported that an intensive search and rescue operation, led by a multi-agency team, was initiated promptly to retrieve the bodies. The vehicle succumbed to the force of floods around Ramisi River in Kwale county, marking a somber day for the KRA community.

KRA Officials succumb
KRA vehicle that was swept away by floods in Kwale county [Photo: The Standard]

The government, in collaboration with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), continued efforts to provide emergency aid to victims of flash floods across the Coast region. In Mombasa County, East African Community and Asal Cabinet Secretary Penninah Malonza, along with Nyali MP Mohamed Ali, took on the responsibility of distributing food supplies to flood victims at the NG-CDF in Nyali constituency.

KRA Corporate Support Services Commissioner Nancy Ng’etich confirmed the successful retrieval of the bodies through a multi-agency operation. In expressing condolences, Ng’etich acknowledged the collaboration of various entities and the local community in the search and rescue efforts.

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Reports suggest that the two officers were traveling from Lungalunga to Mombasa when the tragic incident unfolded. The vehicle was swept away at Ramisi River, overwhelmed by the rising floodwaters that inundated the bridge.

KRA Acting Southern Region Coordinator Lawrence Siele emphasized the organization’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its employees, asserting that all available resources and efforts are being deployed for a positive outcome in such distressing circumstances.

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KRA has already engaged with the family members of the deceased officers, extending support during this difficult time. The Authority expressed gratitude towards the multi-agency team and the local community for their collaborative assistance in the search and rescue mission.


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