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Top 3 things that Campus Students Fear

Mostly each environment or surrounding comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. For campus students, for example, their challenges are unique.


This especially due to the fact that their surrounding involves the same age group and have a common theme, that is to learn.

Therefore, these challenges may create fear among the students. Some of the top three things that campus students fear include:

Missing marks

Missing mark is whereby there are marks missing in maybe one or two units of their exams.

This is a challenge and a fear because if one gets a missing mark, then the individual may fail to graduate, because their marks are not complete.

Also challenge here comes with trying to solve the issue of wanting to get the results updated, as lecturers do not keep any hard copies once marked unlike in high school and primary.

In addition, the point of not graduating is a great fear.

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What they will do after campus

This is a fear for most campus students, that is why some of them try to look for other jobs while still studying or start their own job.

Most of them do this in order to create a foundation for themselves, just in case they do not continue with their course afterwards.

Also what to do after campus is mostly brought up, when one is not sure with the course they are doing.

Not fitting in

This affects mostly the freshers. They are mostly affected because they are the ones who are just starting to discover themselves.

Fitting in may be in campus clubs whereby, there are those who may want to join religious groups but may fear being judged as their friends may be partyholics.

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