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Teenager Saves Cousin From Drowning Using CPR Learnt in School

A California teenager is being praised as a hero after applying the CPR techniques she learned in school to prevent a 3-year-old cousin from drowning.


The Atkinson family’s family get-together turned horrifying when their 3-year-old daughter Maxine went into the pool and was nearly dead after four minutes. However, Madison Atkinson, a 15-year-old, began administering CPR after learning it in a sports medicine class. Madison came to Maxine’s aid when her uncle discovered her and cried out for assistance.

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After a few minutes of chest pumping, she opened her eyes and began breathing again, according to reports. At that moment, she was told to turn onto her side by 911 dispatchers, and she began breathing on her own again, astonishingly. The teenager was described by family as “calm, cool, and collected,” and dispatchers informed her that she had just worked a miracle and that the results aren’t usually so good.


The Red Cross provides special instructions for infants and children, instructing on how rescuers should perform CPR in cases of emergencies. 30 compressions at a rapid pace of around 100 to 120 per minute. The primary distinction between babies and children is that, as you may have observed in movies, children interlace their fingers. On the other hand, you use two fingers for babies. In between those, you can use one hand for little youngsters.

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The mother of the teenager noted that her family had a lot to be grateful for that day because of the incident and her daughter’s capacity to save a life. Kirsten Atkinson stated that Maxine has fully recovered and that their whole family has decided to receive CPR training.


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