Tanzania Lowers Fuel Price Contrary to Kenya


Uproar among Kenyans rise after Tanzania announces a decrease in the cost of fuel prices in their country. Kenya on the other hand, has seen a continuous increase in the cost of fuel without any hope of decrease.

tanzania fuel costs
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Tanzania’s Energy and Water Utilities Authority (EWURA), Tanzania’s equivalent of EPRA, announced cutting fuel prices in the country. They mentioned that this was in line with the trends in the global market for the month of November.

Kenyans then dismissed a statement that was earlier released by the Energy Cabinet Secretary, Davis Chirchir. He was appearing before the National Dialogue Committee when he mentioned that the fuel prices would soon reach Ksh 300 per litre. He further stated that the explanation for this, was the Israel-Palestine war currently ongoing.

He then explained that the increased cost of fuel was entirely due to the global market and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

On October 31, EWURA released a statement detailing the fuel prices for the month of November. They mentioned that the decrease of prices was due to a global reduction in oil prices by an average of 5.68%.

”Changes in prices of petroleum products in November 2023 are mainly due to the decrease in the world oil price by an average of 5.68%, and a decrease in premiums for the importation of petroleum products by an average of 13% for PMS and 25% for AGO, reduction of the production of petroleum products by OPEC+ and economic sanctions on Russia,” read EWURA’s statement.

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Prices in Tanzania

The prices announced by EWURA came into effect on November 1 and apply to various Tanzanian regions including Dar es Salaam, Tanga, and Mtwara.

The prices of petrol in Dar es Salaam reduced from Tsh 3281 (Ksh 198.04) to Tsh 3274 ( Ksh 197.62). The cost of diesel reduced from Tsh 3281 (Ksh 208.12) to Tsh 3374 (Ksh 203.665).

EWURA further attributed the price cuts to the decrease of the duties imposed on petroleum imports by an average of 13% for petroleum and 25% for Automated Gas Oil (AGO).

Tanzania’s decision to cut fuel prices could explain why Kenyans living near the border have largely preferred to buy fuel in the neighbouring East African country. Most motorists have been seen crossing the border at Namanga to fuel their vehicles as it is cheaper than Kenya’s prices.

Meanwhile, fuel prices in Kenya are at a record high after EPRA announced the fuel prices on October 14. Kenyans are yet to see the reduced fuel prices as per the reduction in the global market.

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