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Size 8 Reborn Shares Secrets on the Psychology Behind Fame

Size 8 Reborn opened up on her life before and after finding Christ and the singer had endless nuggets of wisdom to share with the upcoming generation. Moreover, the relentless Soft Care ambassador emphasized the importance of re-educating influencers and TikTokers on fame.


However, before getting into Size 8 Reborn’s psychology behind fame, here are a few things many people don’t know about her.

  1. The first thing she does after waking up is pray, after which she immediately looks for food.
  2. Her secrets for remaining young and stylish are staying in the Lord, forgiving easily and not being quick to anger.
  3. Looking back, she wishes that Kenyans knew she truly loved God.
  4. She has not accomplished a single thing she wanted to do this year. She is however grateful for the gift of life, good health, and family.
  5. Her secret hobby is getting recipes online and trying them out in her kitchen.
  6. Her most memorable encounter with a fan was when a fan cried because of seeing her.
  7. Prefers; Mutura to chips mwitu, biryani to pilau, chapo dondo to githeri, ugali omena to ugali matumbo, mahindi choma to mahindi boilo and chapati to mandazi.
  8. Her favorite comedian is Chipukeezy because he is real and has a heart for people.
Size 8 Reborn, DJ MO, Ladasha Wambui and Muraya Junior
From the tallest: Samwel Muraya, Linet Muraya, Ladasha Wambui, and Muraya Junior. Photo| Instagram

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Rise to fame and secularism

Linet Masiro Munyali Muraya revealed that she grew up in a Christian household. Her “prodigal son era” is entirely blamed on the poor decisions she made in life. After completing her secondary school education, young Linet got a half scholarship to an international school in the UK. However, due to financial strain, her family was unable to raise the other half. This forced Linet to continue with her studies in Kenya.

It was during this period that the ‘Mateke’ hitmaker derailed from the godly path and found herself lost in secularism and alcohol abuse. As per Linet, the decision to immerse herself into the secular world was an insult to the God that had elevated her to international heights. The songwriter narrated that the pressure to keep up with the ridiculously rich kids at school made her lose complete focus on where she came from and where she was headed.

Size 8 Reborn grew up in a poor Christian family and at times, she received donations of pads and shopping from her dormmates. According to Linet, Jackie Maribe and Edith Kimani are among the dormmates who made life a little easier for her in high school. Hence, her hunger for money and fame intensified when she found herself studying amongst children of very wealthy and influential people from all over the world.

Size 8 Reborn and DJ MO.
Size 8 Reborn and DJ MO. Photo| Instagram

In her pursuit of fame and money, Size 8 Reborn met Kenyan producer Clement Rapudo, alias Clemo, during the Tusker Project Fame auditions. The Calif Records producer and co-founder swiftly took Size 8’s talent and career to a whole new level. Shortly after, Size 8 became a household name and her songs were widely sung and danced to in every corner of the country. She was then gradually introduced to the secular world, which came along with all sorts of fake.

Size 8 Reborn recalled attracting fake friends, fake lovers, and eventually, a fake life. She said that the more she rose, the more she attracted fakeness, and that made her cry daily. The men she dated treated her like a trophy, while her friends were more interested in Size 8 the public figure, and not Linet the person. Linet revealed that it was during that moment that she understood what the late Whitney Houston must have gone through.

Filled with emptiness, loneliness, and sadness, the miserable and depressed Size 8 decided to seek solace in her truest childhood friend, Jesus Christ. Linet described Jesus as a friend who sticks closer than a brother and she wished that Kenyan celebrities would seek him too. After finding what she had been looking for, fame and money, Linet embarked on a journey of finding peace, true love, and salvation. Size 8 Reborn emphasized that most celebrities and influencers in Kenya today are merely liked and not loved.

Life after fame and salvation

Size 8 Reborn insisted that a majority of the young Kenyan influencers and TikTokers need to find people who will help them understand the psychology behind fame. She added that many influencers and content creators do not know how to separate the “like button” from their personal lives. The Preacher disclosed that it took her time and God’s grace to understand people in the online space.

The woman of God urged older celebrities to guide the younger ones and the upcoming ones. Stressing that they have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Linet understood the fact that very few people have healthy minds. This is how she has been able to cope with some of her critics and haters. She reminded celebrities that it takes time for people to love. This is why she shows love towards others first.

Love is the greatest weapon… na hata kama watu hawakulike, at least wamekupea views.

Size 8 Reborn

Linet also cautioned the young and upcoming celebrities on the importance of financial intelligence. The blessed mother of two noted that most celebrities tend to live beyond their means. She said that the secret to achieving emotional, financial, and social intelligence is Jesus Christ. Size 8 Reborn attributed her restored health, successful career, and happy marriage to the presence of God in her life.

Size 8 Reborn and DJ MO.
Size 8 Reborn and DJ MO. Photo| Instagram

The singer shared that her newest song, “Usifiwe,” was inspired by the need and mood to praise God for saving her life. After going through two high-risk pregnancies and miscarriages, the songwriter understood the value of life. Unfortunately, Linet has been in and out of hospitals since 2015, and at times, has been in the ICU. She appreciated her husband, DJ MO, for being her rock and a great husband above everything else. Mrs Muraya bragged about the level of unending maturity, understanding, forgiveness, and love that her husband possesses.

“MO is always the first person to apologize,” said Size 8 Reborn. Linet added that over the years, she has learned many things from her husband. Things that have made her a better person. She praised DJ MO for having a clean heart, that does not keep grudges and helps others easily. According to her, she has learned that the secret to long-lasting success is giving. Linet revealed that, after investing in and starting a school in 2015, she made the facility free as per God’s command.

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“Grow and be a tree that provides and God will make sure you never lack. An open tap never runs dry,” Linet emphasized. Due to her obedience to God’s will, her Kindergarten and Daycare Center now supports 135 children. Moreover, the school is supported by well-wishers, herself and her husband. Linet disclosed that a year after making the school free, she landed a multi-million endorsement. She’s had the endorsement for seven years now. Mrs Muraya believes that the school is the seed that birthed the millions coming in.


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