MP Suspended for Criticizing the State of Nation Address

An Azimio Kilifi South MP, Ken Chonga, was suspended from parliament after making remarks on the Majority Leader, his deputy and the Kenya Kwanza Administration.

Kilifi MP
Kilifi MP, Hon Chonga addressing people. Photo/Courtesy

Parliament on Tuesday afternoon witnessed a heated debate as legislators shared their views on the State of the Nation Address issued by the President last week.

The Member of Parliament, however, found himself on the wrong side after he was kicked out of the house over remarks he made. He criticized President William Ruto’s speech by claiming that much of his remarks were untrue.

Some of the MPs allied to Kenya Kwanza rose on Point of Orders and asked Chonga to withdraw his statement. He was asked to either withdraw his statement or to be kicked from the house. Among them were, Kimani Ichung’wah and John Kiarie.

John Kiarie, the MP for Dagoretti South was the first to rise on a point of order stating that MP Chonga had used unparliamentary language.

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MP Chonga’s Cause for Suspension

”Is it in order for him to say that we are speaking lies here, the President is speaking lies,” MP Kiarie noted.

”We are degrading the dignity of this house by allowing members to utter careless statements without substantiating, without giving facts, give us a statement of facts of what is the leader of the majority said or his deputy said that was untrue,” Kimani Ichung’wah remarked.

Shollei demanded that the MP withdraw his statement but the MP declined. He stated that his statements were misunderstood and tried to clarify. This, however, did not work to his favour.

Shollei dismissed his response stating that he had made it worse by restating what he was supposed to withdraw.

”Hon Chonga you did not have the mic and you have decided to speak then you will stay away from the house for the next two sittings,” Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei stated.

The MP will now miss the next two parliamentary sittings. 

The State of the Nation Address was issued last week by the President of Kenya. He addressed the levels of high taxation and the high cost of living. Ruto also mentioned the reason for increased cost of living as raising revenue to pay off debts. He mentioned that Kenya would have to pay a debt maturing in December and this revenue would raise money for that.

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