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Man Found Sodomised and Killed in Lodging

Man allegedly sodomised, killed in Isinya lodging
  • Man found dead in a lodging in Kajiado with signs indicating that he was sodomised before he was murdered
  • 56 year old man found dead in a flowerbed in Kibera

A man was discovered dead in a lodging in Isinya, Kajiado, with signs pointing towards an incident of sodomy and murder. The victim, whose name was revealed through a Huduma card found beside him, had checked into the facility on November 27 in the company of three others.


According to the caretaker of the lodging, two of the men had booked a room to share, an unusual occurrence in his experience.

The group spent the night, but it wasn’t until 1 pm the next day that a room cleaner stumbled upon the body of one of the men when he noticed that the room was partially opened.

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Upon police investigation, no physical injuries were found on the victim, but signs of sodomy were evident. The motive behind this act remains unknown, and the police are actively searching for the three men who were last seen leaving the facility.

The deceased’s body has been moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and further investigations as the police are treating the case as both a sodomy and murder investigation.

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Meanwhile, in another incident in Nairobi, a body of 56-year-old Anthony Chirako was discovered in a flowerbed at an apartment in Kibera.

Colleagues and friends revealed that Chirako had complained of fatigue after coming to work on Wednesday morning and had requested to rest in the flowerbed.

Kilimani police boss Moss Ndiwa confirmed the ongoing investigation into Chirako’s death, saying, “We are looking into the circumstances surrounding his demise. The body has been moved to the mortuary for further procedures.”


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