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Kenyan Man on the Loose as Woman’s Corpse Found At US Airport

In a discovery that happened on Wednesday night at Boston’s Logan Airport, a body of 31-year-old Kenyan woman, Margaret Mbitu, was found inside a vehicle.


Mbitu, an employee at the Brockton-based charitable organization BAMSI, had been reported missing earlier in the week, sparking an extensive search for her whereabouts.

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According to BAMSI’s missing persons report, Mbitu was last seen leaving her workplace on Monday, driving a white SUV. The details surrounding her disappearance were unknown , but now authorities suspect she fell victim to foul play.

The evidence recovered from the vehicle, registered under the name of her 40-year-old boyfriend, Kevin Kang’ethe, has led investigators to believe that Mbitu was killed by someone she knew well. Kang’ethe, who is believed to have fled to Kenya following the incident, has become the primary suspect in this tragic case.

While the motive behind the suspected murder remains uncertain, Boston police are collaborating with Kenyan authorities to track down Kang’ethe, ensuring justice for Margaret Mbitu.

Mbitu’s family and friends mourn her loss, describing her as a “beautiful and happy person.”

George Kamu, the victim’s cousin, expressed their grief, saying, “We have lost a beautiful girl that we all loved — quite a treasure to us. Quite a happy person, in and outside.”

The investigation took a significant turn as a murder warrant was issued for Kevin Kang’ethe, who is now wanted in connection with the death of the missing Whitman woman.

The Massachusetts State Police responded to a report of a deceased woman in a car at Logan Airport’s Central Parking garage around 6:30 p.m., ultimately identifying the victim as Margaret Mbitu. She had been reported missing by her family earlier in the week.

Whitman police disclosed that Mbitu was last seen leaving work in Halifax around 11 p.m. on Monday, and investigators suspect that she was murdered shortly thereafter. State police emphasized, “Evidence indicates that she was the victim of a homicide.”

A subsequent investigation pointed to Kevin Kangethe as a suspect in Mbitu’s death. It is believed that he boarded a flight to Kenya after leaving Mbitu’s body at Central Parking. Detectives are collaborating with Kenyan authorities to locate him. Authorities are confident that Mbitu and Kangethe were not strangers; this homicide was not a random act.

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Mbitu’s grief-stricken mother, Rose Mbitu, shared her anguish, revealing that her daughter had been trying to end a relationship with the suspected killer. She also mentioned that Margaret was stabbed. Detectives have processed her daughter’s room in the family’s Whitman home for potential evidence in the case.

State police have assured the public that there is no ongoing threat to the safety of Logan Airport travelers or the general public.


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