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Kenya to Hold the 2nd Italian Cuisine Week

The Italian Cultural Institute together with the Italian Embassy in Nairobi have launched the 2023 Week of the Italian Cuisine in the world.

Photo/Courtesy: (L-R) Ambassador Roberto Natali of Italy to Kenya and Acting Secretary for Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Joel Mwanzia.

The week is set to start from next week from 13th to 19th. Its aim is to promote Italian food and wine tradition, as distinctive traits of Italian identity and culture.

Nairobi and the Kenyan coast will be the stage of key events spread across selected establishments, ensuring that food lovers and the public at large get to engage their plates with the best that Italian cuisine can offer.

Speaking during the launch, Ambassador Roberto Natali of Italy to Kenya said, ” In our tradition, high quality and unique ingredients are wisely harmonized into centuries-old recipes, which are still followed by generations of artisans across the whole country.

Therefore, our modern food industry is characterized by a great balance of scientific research, education and technological innovation combined with food and process certification and appropriate labelling.”

Further, the program will vary from scientific talks to social events, with a specific attention to disseminate information about authentic Italian products.

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The promotion of Italian specialties will continue with a unique mobile exhibition called “Italian Taste” on Nairobi’s electric bus, where the public can appreciate the tradition of Italian products in all their originality and uniqueness through a QR code. In Malindi, Diani, and Watamu, the exhibition will be displayed on Tuk Tuks.

Concerning training opportunities for Kenyans, Chef Mastromattei and his assistant will lead a 10-day “Italian Cuisine Workshop” for upcoming chefs from the Kenya Utalii College to enhance their culinary skills.

Additionally, there will be a “Chef for Chefs Masterclass” in Nairobi and Malindi for culinary professionals to refine their skills.

Food enthusiasts and amateur chefs can elevate their abilities by participating in the “Mastering Italian Cuisine: Cooking with a Celebrity Chef” event on November 12.

Throughout the Week, participating Italian restaurants in Kenya will feature special dishes inspired by traditional Italian recipes.

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