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Judicial Officers Get Hefty Perks in Review

Judicial officers such as the Chief Justice, and the Deputy Chief Justice, are some of the biggest winners of the latest Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) review.

Judges during the swearing in ceremony in 2022. Photo/Courtesy

Judicial officers are set to get an allowance paid to officers for performing special duties. CJ Martha Koome, DCJ Philomena Mwilu and Deputy Principle Judges are set to get Ksh150,000 as a special allowance. Resident judges however, will get Ksh130,000 while the Head of Station will get 30 per cent of their monthly pensionable emoluments.

The allowance will be offered to judges who perform added duties not involved in the duties stipulated in one’s terms of service for a regular salary payment.

In addition to that, all judicial officers are set to receive airtime of up to Ksh25,000 per month.

In addition to that, the CJ, DCJ, Judges of the Supreme Court, Judges of the Court of Appeal, and Judges of the High Court shall receive an annual leave allowance of Ksh50,000. The Chief Magistrates, Senior Principle Magistrates, Senior Resident Magistrates will get Ksh30,000 as their annual leave allowance.

The Chief Justice and the Deputy are now eligible for a car loan of up to Ksh10 million and a mortgage of up to Ksh40 million. Judges and magistrates however, are eligible to a car loan of up to Ksh8 million and 4 million respectively. The judges and magistrates will also be entitled to a mortgage of up to Ksh35 million and 20 million respectively.

Interest Rate and Duration for the Loans

The interest for both loans will be at 3 per cent every year on a reduced balance for the duration of this loan. The time duration for the mortgage is at 20 years and the car loan is for 5 years.

The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and the High Court Judges will be eligible to an official car with an engine not exceeding a capacity of 3000cc. For the Chief Magistrates and Chief Kadhis, their official car should not exceed 2000cc. They are also eligible to a commuter allowance of Ksh24,000 per month.

For other magistrates and Kadhis, they will receive a commuter allowance to be determined by the SRC from time to time. For the daily sustenance allowance during local and foreign travel, officers will be remunerated according to what the SRC specifies from time to time.

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“An annual medical cover shall be provided to the State officers, one spouse, and up to four children below the age of 25 years fully dependent on the State officers as outlined by SRC,” read part of the report.    

Despite the salary increments from the SRC review, the judges still asked for further increase. They claimed that most of the judges work under hardship situations.

“As the Association’s President, we are happy but not satisfied. We are calling for higher pay for our members in the near future because most of them work in hardship conditions,” he said.

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