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Importance of Mental Health Services in Campus

Campus-wide mental health services for students to seek support could be the key to their academic success. A national survey found that 66% of college students felt counseling services improved their academic performance.


Mental health problems can impact the academic performance and success of a college student. Poor mental health contributes to lack of motivation and problems focusing which can lead to failing grades.

Other reasons why mental health services is important in campus include:

To reduce depression

Campus is already a stressful environment for students, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, this environment can lead to increase in depression among students.

Depression can lead to feelings of shame and guilt as students struggle to work on tasks and complete assignments on time. This can cause their depression to deepen and grow out of control.

Additionally, depression can be triggered by several reasons, some of which include loneliness or the feeling of disconnection that comes with entering an unfamiliar environment.

Offering assistance in the form of low-pressure social activities, support groups, or counseling can often help students cope with depression and eventually overcome it.

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To prevent drop outs

Majority of campus students drop out because of mental issues that might have been brought about by life.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) found out that 64% of young adults who dropped out of college, dropped out due to mental illness.

Data shows that counseling services have a positive impact on preventing drop outs.

To have good relationships

Mental services like having a psychologist in campus can help save many different relationships in campus.

This especially for those dating as it is the most practiced one in campus. Additionally, good friendships can last if one is mentally stable.

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