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Examiner Chopped to Death by Helicopter Blades in Garissa

Examiner dies after being struck by helicopter blades in Garissa

The deputy head teacher at Masalani and a key official in the ongoing national examinations was struck in the head by helicopter blades in Ijara, Garissa. Leading to the death of the Examiner.


The unfortunate incident occurred as the examiner disembarked from the chopper, catching him off guard.

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Eyewitnesses on the scene said that the rear blade of the helicopter struck the examiner, resulting in immediate death. The examiner’s materials lay beside his lifeless body, blood caked around his head, marking a somber scene that has left the community in shock.

One pilot at the scene emphasized the importance of approaching a helicopter from the front, saying, “Normally, the rear blade is not visible to laymen when a chopper is on, and it is always advisable to approach the chopper from the front side.”

The helicopter at the scene in Garissa on November 21, 2023 [Photo: Media Handout] Examiner
The helicopter at the scene in Garissa on November 21, 2023 [Photo: Media Handout]

This incident happened due to a lack of warning to officials about the running rear propeller. Authorities are now investigating the circumstances that led to this unfortunate accident. The damaged blade, forcefully plucked off in the impact, serves as a grim reminder of the severity of the incident.

Police swiftly responded to the distress call, transporting the deceased examiner’s body to the mortuary as investigations commence. The Kenya National Examination Council, in response to the incident, has organized additional choppers to aid in transporting materials and officials, recognizing the challenging conditions in the area exacerbated by heavy rains.

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In a separate incident on Monday, a chopper involved in a similar mission crashed at Wajir International Airport, leaving three individuals seriously wounded but stable in the hospital. Investigations into both incidents are currently underway.

Additionally, a military chopper, part of the Kenya Air Force, crashed in Buna, Wajir, while on a relief supply mission to areas affected by floods. The crew and relief officials on board sustained injuries and are currently hospitalized. The Kenya Defence Forces assured that the cause of the crash will be established as investigations progress.


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