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EALA MP Kega Calls on Kioni to Stop Abusing Conservatory Orders

In a statement on Friday 24th at Kaputei gardens, EALA MP Kanini Kega accused Member of Parliament Jeremiah Kioni of abusing conservatory orders, issued by the court directing the party to maintain its leadership status pending determination of a case filed by Kioni.


The statement came after the Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu announced appointments by Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni on Tuesday.

“We have continued to obey the conservatory orders issued in those cases that require the status quo on the leadership of Jubilee to be maintained as per Gazette Notice Number 3195 of 22nd March 2022 pending the determination of Kioni’s appeals,” Kega said.

“It is worrying, however, that Kioni continues to abuse this goodwill from the courts,” he added.

According to Kega, Kioni has taken to single-handedly restructure the organs of the party, something he termed as arrogant and in contempt of court.

“While Kioni’s wanting leadership style is not surprising to the leaders of Jubilee, it is important that we clarify to our members that Kioni does not have powers to convene any party organ meeting,” the EALA MP said.


Kioni has also been accused of purporting to replace NEC members with non-members of Jubilee and writing ‘dismissal letters’ to members of the Internal Disputes Resolution Committee and the National Disciplinary Committee.

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Further, the embattled SG has also been accused of communicating the changes to Speakers of the Senate, National Assembly and County Assemblies as well as the committee membership in the respective Houses.

Kioni was expelled from the Jubilee party on May 2, 2023 where he moved to court and obtained conservatory orders staying the party’s National Executive Committee meeting to expel him. 

Kega’s faction in the party now wants him to stop acting like the basic SG and stop writing to the Registrar of Political Parties on the affairs of the party without the authority of the relevant party organs.

“Our legal team have been instructed to bring to the attention of the High Court, the contemptuous manner in which Kioni continues to treat its orders and as such apply the setting aside of those conservatory orders so that Kioni can be truly free to launch his recently established Kamwene Party,” Kega said.

The development comes days after Kioni’s faction moved to effect changes in the National Executive Committee after eight officials were appointed to State positions.

Kega’s faction, however, asked the Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu to disregard the appointments announced by Kioni.

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